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245 S Irwindale Ave  |  Azusa, CA  |  (626) 969-2886|  Fax: (626) 969-2881

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Customer Reviews & Stories

My life has just been affected in such a positive way. I've never met anyone like Camille, here at JCW. He doesn't just change oil or repair vehicles, he speaks into people's lives. He found my human condition and improved it within an hour of meeting him. And he made me feel like his most VIP customer and valued member of a community he has cultivated. And to think I showed up without an appointment and he still accommodated me with a smile!!! To top it off further, who could beat his price?!?!?! I speak with honesty and certainty! I will only return to him. Thank you Camille at JCW. And thanks Josh for the recommendation.

-Rebecca T., (Yelp)

Very friendly staff and excellent customer service! I was in and out within 45min and wasn't hasseled to buy a bunch of extra stuff I didn't need. I will definitely go back for my next oil change!! Another extra perk, my daughter and I got to see the eclipse this morning. Thanks to the very nice lady in the office!!

-Emily S., (Yelp)

Redeemed the $43 Groupon for full synthetic, tire rotations, and filter here. Got an extra $10 off for Groupon promotion. They do charge for tax and other service charges which is about $13. Really good price and they are very professional and provided quick service.

-Joseph L., (Yelp)

Friendly and great deals! I absolutely recommend. Knowledgeable and they have everything you need.

-Cory A., (Yelp)

This is my first time coming here. I found them from living social and purchased a voucher for an oil change. I called and scheduled an appt. For today 8/18/17. The customer service was great. I was there for about an hour and a half. Got an oil change. They rotated my tires at no charge. Let me know I need a few services for my car but didn't pressure me to do it this minute they also gave me a decent quote. I will definitely go back to get these services done when I'm ready to! One happy customer!!

-Jennifer A., (Yelp)

The people here are very friendly and accommodating. They got me in quick for an oil change even though I didn't have an appointment. The service was quick and before my estimated time. I will definitely be back.

-Iman E., (Yelp)

Came to get an oil change. They told me when my car would be ready and they finished a few minutes early! Would definitely recommend this place. :)

-Shannon J., (Yelp)

Great service and good costumer service as well. I got a groupon for an oil change and when calling to see if I had to make an appointment the gentleman who helped me today was delightful and very helpful. They treated me just as any other costumer despite using a groupon. Would really recons this place!

-Areli B., (Yelp)

I've never made a yelp review before but I had to for JCW! They helped me so quickly and very reasonable price for a full synthetic oil change!! Definitely would recommend to family and friends!

-Miranda R., (Yelp)

Awesome ,very fast service.everyone in in the place behaves really politely and in a helpful way. They gave me a ride back to my work because I was in a hurry which was really nice from them ..Then they pick me up too..I really recommend that place to anyone.They made it really easy for me to do my car oil change. Thank you so much everyone in JCW.

-Nahla E., (Yelp)

Great service !! I was coming in late on late notice and didn't have an appointment and needed to be somewhere a 2:30 ...The guy at the front Camille was able to help me right away and let me know he'd do his best to get me done as quick as possible by 3:30 ,,, I was done and out the door at 1:30! Miracle !!...Awesome service and commitment to the customer , I would definitely recommend this place Thanks Camille ! , you rock !

-Melvin P., (Yelp)

Very great service with accommodations. Camille was very helpful and informative of what my car needed. Also having someone to come pick me up and drop me off my house was just convenient. Would recommend

-Cesar C., (Yelp)

Very friendly & great service. The front desk guy very nice and professional. Definitely come back again!

-Cathleen G., (Yelp)

Thank you JCW Auto Repair Service! My oil change was super quick -it was done under 45 minutes. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. The receptionist, Camille, was a lot of help. He accommodated me and honored my Groupon voucher. It was great doing business with you. Until next time!

-Cathleen G., (Yelp)

Fast service and always very friendly. Been here a few times and will continue to go they accept groupons every 30 days which helps get decently priced full synthetic oil changes

-Todd D., (Yelp)

I've never had such great customer service. Thank you Camille! I left with a smile on my face and will definitely be coming back for further car service.

-Maggie A., (Yelp)

We've been buying Groupons for synthetic oil changes with JCW for about 2 years or so now. They are consistent with the great jobs they do and provide great customer service. They are the lowest price around for a synthetic oil change in the San Gabriel Valley.

-Diana V., (Groupon)

We've been coming to JCW for about 3 years now. We live about 30 minutes from JCW but decided to drive the extra miles for great service. Our car requires synthetic oil changes and JCW offers a Groupon that can't be beat anywhere in the SGV. They are consistent, efficient, provide great customer service and do a great job overall. We have also had our brakes done with them and they gave us a great price and did a great job. We highly recommend JCW for your car's needs.

-Steve V., (Yelp)

I am here today redeeming a Groupon coupon for a full synthetic oil change dor $43. As another reviewer also reported JCW will charge you an additional $13 for tax and removal after the price of the Groupon.

Im always curious to see how im treated when redeeming a Groupon bc some businesses treat these discount customers like second-class citizens.

Im here in the waiting room and was told that it would be a one hour turn-around, which is fine. I do have an appointment which Groupon requires.

The waiting room has tv, coffee, tea, instant noodle soup, coloring books for kids, a charging station for phones, hand sanitizer, and even pop tarts. It smells good and is clean. Actually, the whole shop is clean, even the work areas, and the staff is very nice.

-Kailee G., (Yelp and Groupon)

Everyone was wonderful. Hard to believe I was atn an auto repair shop.

-Kyle B., (Yelp)

1st time here but everyone was super accomidatng and fast service. Will def be back again.

-Michelle M., (Yelp)

Since I live near the area and work in downtown during normal body shop hours, I was extremely glad to find the accommodating acumen of this business! I called the owner (Judd, I assume from these previous reviews) and he informed me that I could drop off my car at 6:30AM and MacGyver my keys, information, and such in various ways.

However, the morning of the apt, I checked my Groupon voucher and it said the purchase had failed. I didn't realize that before. So I called the owner early morning, and he said he would honor the price. In addition, to what seemed like at least 10 times before opening hours, I called him about having a hard time finding the shop, parking, finding the right door, locking my phone in my car, etc. Blegh, stress. But all in all, with some questionable cellular disconnections, he was still pretty patient with me (just don't test the waters too much!).

It hadn't been an hour past their opening time, that I was called and notified that my car was all done. I paid over phone a couple with my cc number; since I couldn't get back to the shop in time before closing, Judd offered to drop off my car at my house. Super sweet and convenient, I couldn't give anything other than a 5 star rating for that alone (although I was a little frustrated in the morning).

I believe the Groupon price for a full synthetic oil change, tire rotation and one point inspection was 43$, plus extra fees I was charged total was $49.12.

Even though I know nothing about cars or how to check if anything was actually done, I found my car parked safely in front of my house! Hopefully everything described was done the way it was supposed to ;) Thanks JCW Auto!

Warning-- the shop is on a big busy street! If you're an anxious driver, look up a street map beforehand.

-Cindy C., (Yelp)

Very nice and thorough work. Good job and attentive. Told me what else my car neede.I'm going back.

-Lulu L., (Yelp)

I have a older 4x4 Suburban that had a wheel that was ready to fall off. When I called they knew immediately what the problem was and said they had done plenty of repairs like this on other 4x4's. The more I talked with Judd about the problem, I knew I had called the right place.

I had to have the truck towed, and even though the tow truck was way behind schedule, Judd made himself available to be there when I finally had arrived, after the shop had closed. The truck needed more front end parts replaced than I expected and they worked with me while I came up with the extra money needed to complete the repairs.

They did not take advantage and replace extra parts that weren't necessary, just because they could. I inspected the parts and I'm glad they did replace them.

I feel very comfortable with the knowledge and expertise of the mechanics in this shop and I would (and I am already) recommend this shop to anyone that needs good quality work done on their car. They also did some other minor repairs that I had requested and I know they didn't charge me for because they want to take care of their customers. Thank you JCW for everything!! The truck drives much better now. RJ

-R.J., (Yelp)

Really good experiecnce, super friendly staff.

-Kay C., (Groupon)

Great service! Didnt have an appointment and was out in less than an hour! Great price for a full synthetic oil change..they have good specials on their oil changes. Definitely recommend this place!

-Michelle R., (Yelp User)

Great service! Man at the front desk is very friendly and goes above and beyond to ensure your comfortable while you wait.

-Jeannette H., (Yelp User)

I brought my kia rio in last week for an oil change. I made and appointment and i arrived 20 minutes early. They took my car in right away and they quoted me a time they would be done at. Their waiting area is very nice and cozy. They finished my car before the estimated time. I was very impressed! I will be coming back.

-Rudy J., (Yelp User)

The man at the counter was very polite. With me being a female, it's very hard to find loyal mechanics. The owner as well was very respectful. Both were helpful and informative in giving me the issues to my car. Definitely making this my spot for car maintenance.

-Blanca G., (Yelp User)

Great service. Oil change and 50 point inspection was done in a timely manner and the service was friendly.

-Celinna M., (Groupon User)

Great and fast service. Definitely going back!

-Halina H., (Groupon User)

Good customer service!! Coffee tv and coloring book for my kids awesome..

-Edgar E., (Groupon User)

Fast, efficient and owner very nice.

-Nancy K., (Groupon User)

Great quick friendly service would recommend this place to everyone truely satisfied customer.

-Naomi R., (Groupon User)

Great service! The owner was kind and attentive. Came here after purchasing a groupon for a full synthetic oil vehicle. They changed my oil quickly and were not pushy about buying or changing anything else. The entrance is a bit tight and you have to make sure you do not drive past it but I will definitely be returning again.

-Grissel M., (Groupon User)

I so happy I went to JCW Auto Repair Service. JUDD, who took care of my car, is a very nice and friendly guy. He didn't try to upsell me. He took time to tell things they did on my car and said that my car doesn't need anything except oil change and tire rotation. Best of all, I didn't realize I left my wallet in my car (with all my credit cards and money in it). When I got my car back, I found it on the passenger seat where it must have fallen right out of my purse. Judd's mechanic is very honest just like him.

-Helen K., (Groupon User)

I've always brought my RAV 4 to Toyota Dealers on oil change and any other car repairs but after trying out JCW I have found another great place to service my car. Used a groupon deal and got a semi synthetic oil change for a total of about $21 plus $5 something on taxes and disposal fee. Kamal is very professional. The waiting area is small but comfortable with tv, coffee, tea and even cup noodles if you want to make one on the microwave. The best part is that service is fast!

-Mon N., (Yelp User)

Went here for an oil change today. Really fast service, complimentary beverages, and a very welcoming staff! Would definitely recommend.

-Ben G., (Yelp User)

Very happy with the services given & will recommend to friends & family. Price very reasonable. Camille is very friendly & helpful, better than the dealership.

-Winton Y., (Yelp User)

Camille helped me quick and fast amd in a hurrry. He was VERY friendly and my service was exceptional. I would defintely be back.

-Jilessa R., (Yelp User)

Just had my 2011 Mercedes C300 serviced today. I have to say, this is a great place to have your car worked on. Very polite and great service. Will be doing more business with them in the future.

-Si Kevin T., (Yelp User)

Very friendly & great service. The front desk guy is super nice & professional. I would most definitely come back again!

-Si Yang P., (Yelp User)

First time here, for an oil change. Used a promo they had going on for synthetic blend. Service was super quick! Staff was nice. Judd was so informative! He found something wrong with my airbag light... That my car dealer had assured was normal, I let them know and gave them a call and found out it was a issue and have an apptment so they can fix it. I would have never known!! Been driving my car with this airbag light on for forever. Thanks so much! Will def be back! Over all good experience here.

-Andrea G., (Yelp User)

Came in today to get an oil change for my car. First off, when I set an appointment over the phone they answered very politely with high energy. They had a great deal on their website for a synthetic blend oil change. Highly recommended. They even topped off all my fluids and checked everything to make sure all was good.

-Adam D. C., (Yelp User)

The service at JCW auto repair was amazing. Showed up for a 2 pm oil change at 2:07 pm which I used an online coupon for, it's currently 2:36 and my oil change is done! The coupon stated the price would be $36 online for a full synthetic oil change, a 50 point inspection and a tire rotation. Came in with my own filter and they waived $12 fee for tax and services! Only paid what the coupon stated! Pretty sweet!! Will be recommending this shop to family and friends.

-Anyssa S., (Yelp User)

I needed an oil change, found a deal on"LivingSocial" for a shop in my neighborhood J.C.W. Auto Repair, appt required, got an appt for same day. In and out and home again in 45 min. Proprietor could not have been nicer! Small clean shop for auto repair business! I always worry about up-sell, being a woman using "man's domain", did not find that to be an issue- 50 point inspection only confirmed issues I already knew to exist. Camille also gave discount since tires were new and did not require rotation. I will return to J.C.W. and would definitely Recommend!

-Candi C., (Yelp User)

I will be back for every car or any car I have. I'm a young female and going to an auto shop by myself is a little scaring cause I don't wanna be taken advantage of but they took care of me here and made sure I understand everything I need and why I needed and the prices were very reasonable!!! I love them !!!

-Anais A., (Yelp User)

great customer service!

-Kris B., (Groupon User)

I will definitely be going back. quick, honest, and great customer service.

-Sherrice P., (Groupon User)

The owner is very nice, honest, and his employees are very efficient.

-Tina G., (Groupon User)

I had an awesome experience with JCW from the moment I made the phone call to set up an appointment. When I arrived Camille was already waiting for me and my car was ready to be serviced as soon as possible. I was offered a ride home instead of waiting in there waiting room since I live down the street and Liz came back to pick me up as soon as my car was ready! My overall experience with JCW and their customer service was great!

-Kristie L., (Groupon User)

Great Place, I'll be bribing all my vehicles here !! Exceptional Customer Service !!

-Tory P., (Groupon User)

Had a very good first experience with JCW . They got me in and out on time as promised to fit into my work schedule. very professional and will be using them again. Thank You JCW staff.

-Hector C., (Groupon User)

Honest service

-Stewart T., (Groupon User)

Great and friendly service! I will come back again.

-CHOON K., (Groupon User)

very professional amazing service. highly suggest heading in here

-Dustin K., (Groupon User)

Great service with appointment set up 30 min prior. Really great Customer Service being attentive and updating me with other small issues on my vehicle. Making it clear something needs to be done, but wasn't being pushy about getting it serviced at the moment. Good job guys!

-Stve R., (Groupon User)

Great service

-Ricardo R., (Groupon User)

Very fast& friendly service . ...

-Sandy H., (Groupon User)

Very great customer service and fast as well. Good job!

-Brianna B., (Groupon User)

Very great customer service and fast as well. Good job!

-Brianna B., (Groupon User)


JCW Auto Repair Service
(Formerly known as Custom World Automotive)

FANTASTIC. I shopped around for a place to take my 1984 Chrysler New Yorker to get checked prior to taking it for a smog check. The shop that I first took it to was run by two partners - the first partner told me that a spark plug was skipping and that the smog test would pick up on this and thus fail my check and to repair it was going to cost me 1K. His partner looked at him and questioned his stupidity and so I continued shopping for a good mechanic that I could trust.

I have been going to Custom World now for over 1 year. I drive 1 plus hours out of my way and refer family and friends there as I know that Judd and his boys will do the job right and are not out to rape me with the price. I even had an issue with my lock on the gas door where it would not lock and I mentioned it to Judd one day while I was at his shop and in 20 minutes he welded a piece to fix the lock. These guys know what they are doing and are soooo professional in their field that they can think inside and outside of the box to fix your car.

As an added point, every time I take my car for repair they always fix it and if they notice something else needs attention fix that too.... like the door panel that was falling off of my passenger side - Judd fixed this in no time and for no addition charge.

These guys are truly Blue White Diamonds - I recommend anyone who is looking for good, loyal service with out being rapped to go see Judd at Custom World Automotive

I take my car and leave it and pick it up and never question the bill this is how good they are!

Thanks Juddie!